Electrotank Mini Golf Gold

Electrotank Mini Golf Gold 2.0

A cartoon-style mini golf game for all lovers of golf
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This Mini Golf cartoon-style game includes a new Gold course for you to play on, as well as the original course, and there are now four characters you can choose from. The bright graphical course map is easy to navigate using your arrow keys and your mouse, and you just move your mouse around the ball to aim and press the left mouse button to hit the ball. The game features a power bar below your character, which you can increase by moving your mouse away from your character.

The game features the beginner and advanced levels, and the new zoom feature will help you to improve your game experience and aid smooth playing. You can play Mini Golf in the single player mode or in the 2-players mode, and a multiplayer challenge is also available. Your personal challenge is to play your way through 36 holes. The four Mini Golf characters are Angela, a fierce competitor and skilled mini golfer; Jobe, an experienced player; Robert, who is becoming a pro and is a rival of Jobe's; and Kelly, an admirer of Jobe, a world class mini golf player. You can choose any of them and play the game.

If your character blocks your view of the ball, you can make him/her invisible temporarily by holding down the 'Shift' key on your keyboard. A fun and challenging game, Mini Golf Gold allows you to track your personal scores too.

R. Fernandez
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